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We provide A/c & non A/c ambulance for shifting patients to hospitals and to other places. For Patients who need critical care we offer super speciality ICU ambulances with trained medical technicians. We also provide A/c & non A/c ambulances for shifting dead bodies. All our services are available 24 hours

Air Ambulance

When critical care patient has to be shifted to hospitals in other states or other countries for advanced medical care air ambulances are used to transport them safely. Air ambulances will have Intensive care facilities for the patient care and it is one of the safest modes of transportation for critical care patients. We can provide air ambulances services in short notice.

Mobile Mortury Unit

If the body of the person died had to kept in open for more than two hours time mobile mortuary units are used. Bodies kept inside the mortuary unit will be preserved for more time as it is not affected by the variations in atmospheric temperature or humidity. If the deceased has died of contagious diseases mobile mortuary unit will help in preventing the spread of diseases. We are able to provide mobile mortuary services for 24 hours a day

Mobile Mortury van

When a the body of a dead person has to be shifted from one place to places that require a travel time of more than 2 hours mobile mortuary vans are used. Mortuary vans will help in preserving the dead bodies for journeys which may takes hours. We provide 24x7 services in mobile mortuary van services.

Dead body shifting by air and road

We provide facilities to shift dead bodies from Thiruvanthapuram to anywhere in India by Road or by Air. we also provide assistance to legal formalities while shifting dead bodies by air. We also operates Mobile Mortuary Unit and vans with with ICE box driven by well experienced drivers and shifting from Thiruvanthapuram to Any where in India or towards Thiruvanthapuram from anywhere in India.


We also provide coffins of different types & different dimensions. On placing the order we will deliver the coffins in one hour to the concerned address. Coffins made of teak, rosewood are also available.

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